At SIBS we endeavor to monitor the quality of education offered
Across the years of foundation and primary schooling, we aim to
consistently nurture the child’s development emotionally, socially and
physically, as well as academically.
Our pupils make a smooth transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.
In Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils are encouraged to make informed decisions
about their own learning. They will be made aware of their strengths and
weaknesses. Our pupils should be able to connect classroom learning with the
real world.

Our pupils’ physical co-ordination should be developed, while giving them an
enjoyment of the variety of activities available through practicing Art, P.E, Music and Sport.
All pupils are having the opportunity to use computers across the school curriculum.

Learning French, German, Arabic language, Humanities, History, Geography, Social Studies and Literature will help pupils to build up their confidence and improve their listening and reading skills, and offer an opportunity to experience other cultures.

At the end of their school years, we would like to see our pupils independent,
self -disciplined workers equipped with the life skills required for their future,
having had a good foundation in all areas of the curriculum and reaching their
own potential.